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welcome to brenda bowman, llc  we are a business development resource specializing in marketing and media

start up

Launching a business can be overwhelming. We have the expertise and resources to build the foundation for a strong beginning.



Public perception can either be favorable or unfavorable having an adverse effect business. Seeing is believing, stimulating positive word of mouth and influence with creative messaging and social media is essential in building healthy consumer relationships.


A well developed business plan is imperative for success. Not all businesses are the same. The road to success requires engagement strategies specifically tailored to reach and maintain qualified consumers. We develop the path to creating  awareness and establishing loyalty.



Growth requires connection and resources. Applying the right plan to reach the right consumer in the right place in a fragmented evolving media consumption environment is essential. We have access to over 5000 media properties and communication assets to drive your business forward in growth.


The right message is key in projecting who, what and where the business wants to be. Brand crafting is about defining not only your business but also what your business believes in and where your business wants to be in the future.



Continued changes in focus, public opinion and the competition can make it difficult to sustain your business. Keeping you advised of emerging trends, competitive insights and social engagement, can minimize vulnerability and allow your business to stay out front.



located in Columbus, Ohio, we have experience over a dynamic culture of businesses providing insight and opportunities to understand success across many diverse categories and verticals globally.

Motivated by the desire for building businesses, creating relationships and embracing challenge, Brenda Bowman has the capacity to serve small to large businesses, providing a single source for start up, new business development and growth.




It is impossible to know everyone and everything but everyone "knows a guy" or a "working girl" who has the expertise and connections to make things happen.

Our resources include:

market and media research/planning/buying/management



creative support

content distribution


focus groups

copy writing

public relations/social engagement

celebrity endorsements

sponsorship and Integration

event marketing including sports, music, home and life entertainment

system application including API, Pixel Implementation and STRATA Media Management 



Creating promotion, brand building and consumer engagement for many advertiser categories

Photo by MoustacheGirl/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by MoustacheGirl/iStock / Getty Images


27 Market and growing regional brick and mortar overstock retailer

National homegoods overstock retailer

Brand refresh women's specialty fashion and accessories retailer

Emerging men's special apparel retailer

Consumer package goods & spirits

Nationally distributed packaged meat brand

Nationally distributed vitamin supplement brand

Nationally distributed vodka and tequila brands 


Photo by Mikolette/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Mikolette/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by cybrain/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by cybrain/iStock / Getty Images

Distribution Growth

Re-branded OTC muscle pain relief product

Acquired DNA paternity test kit

Regionally distributed Italian sauces


Sophisticated international watch company  

Developed from regional to national established bicycle brand

Developed from local to national e-commerce tax preparation service

Local regional branding and public relations for advanced mental health practice

App launch for mobile gaming for a fortune 500 company

Promotion for wedding planning website release  

Photo by Drazen_/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Drazen_/iStock / Getty Images

we work for you

We are a one point of contact and organization for all of your business development needs, connecting you with credible resources throughout the process. At the end of the day we provide complete reconciliation and performance reports. Our pricing is fully disclosed. You will know exactly who you are paying and what you are paying. We also leave you with the knowledge of how to continue on with a successful business plan.


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