Brenda Bowman, LLC is  a business development resource specializing in cross platform marketing and media.


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Start Up

Launching a business can be overwhelming. We have the expertise and resources to build the foundation for a strong beginning.





Advertisers are finding it more difficult than any other time to reach their consumers.  Fragmented media and shorten attention spans make it exceedingly critical to have a media mix that provides a balance of reach and micro targeting.  Brenda Bowman LLC is a one stop shop, bringing together strategies that provides optimal measured results.  Our reach spans over targeting to a household level, local, regional, national and international, cross platform media solutions.

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Public perception

Public perception can either be favorable or unfavorable having an adverse effect business. Seeing is believing, stimulating positive word of mouth and influence with creative messaging and social media is essential in building healthy consumer relationships.



Growth requires connection and resources. Applying the right plan to reach the right consumer in the right place in a fragmented evolving media consumption environment is essential. We have access to over 5000 media properties and communication assets to drive your business forward in growth.


Business Development

 A well developed business plan is imperative for success. Not all businesses are the same. The road to success requires engagement strategies specifically tailored to reach and maintain qualified consumers. We develop the path to creating awareness and establishing loyalty.



The right message is key in projecting who, what and where the business wants to be. Brand crafting is about defining not only your business but also what your business believes in and where your business wants to be in the future.